Warning signs that your computer maintenance is required.

  1. Slow computer performance.

Computer running slowly is one of the most common problems we hear from our clients. If the computer system is outdated, and there are a lot of applications and programs are being used, or there is no space on the hard drive, the computer can slow down.

Slow computer performance can also be attributed to viruses and malware. If malware is not removed, it can lead to inconsistent performance, and your data may eventually be lost. Early detection will help to resolve the issue quickly and enhance your computer performance.

  1. A computer is making unusual noises.

If you hear your computer grinding or making clicking noises, it is definitely a sign of the problem, and there is a risk of computer failure or irretrievable data loss.

Sometimes the fans can be louder than usual, indicating that there is dust blocking cooling system. It will require compressed air to clean out cooling components or in some cases replacing cooling fans and thermal compounds. Circuit Networks experts will be happy to help to detect and resolve all noise-related issues.

  1. Your computer overheats

If your computer is running long hours, it can get hot after a while as it produces a lot of heat. This is normal as PCs and laptops use well-designed cooling systems. However, if your computer generates excessive heat, it should be checked out immediately.

Overheating can slow down the CPU and make it operate less efficiently. It can also negatively impact motherboard components. The cooling system might be broken or clogged, or fan replacement might be required. To avoid problems related to a computer overheating, you need expert advice.

  1. Unexpected reboots or computer got frozen.

It can be very frustrating when you are in the middle of the important work or working on a big document, and your computer suddenly reboots. If your computer reboots or freezes, it is a sign of a problem. It can indicate overheated CPU, a problem with the hard drive and corrupted operating system. A freezing computer and a computer that restarts very often both suggest that expert advice and computer repair is necessary.

  1. Unexpected pop-up windows and messages.

Usually, unexpected popup windows and messages mean that your computer is infected with virus, adware or malware (malicious software). Viruses, malware or adware can get to your computer via opening attachments or opening phishing links in emails from unfamiliar senders or by visiting compromised websites.

Virus, adware or malware can significantly slow down your computer performance and potentially may cause a data breach or loss of personal data.

Circuit Network team can help you eliminate any viruses, adware or malware on PC and Mac computers. Also, we can help you to learn and identify suspicious emails with phishing link or attachments. Furthermore, we can help you to create computer backup tasks, so in case of catastrophic operating system failure due to virus or malware, you can restore your personal data from onsite backup disk or the cloud.