Technology is continuing to transform rapidly, changing the ways businesses operate. There are multiple engagement models and varying forms of contemporary IT support. Most IT companies like Circuit Networks offer remote IT support and onsite IT support.

Although remote IT support seems to be compelling enough, there are several benefits to considering onsite IT support for your business.

1. Not all problems can be fixed remotely.

Some elements of systems design are better understood onsite. IT support specialists can understand the full context of your business IT environment by being in it. For example, hardware failures, internet outage or local area network issues require an actual person to repair or replace them. When a server or laptop at your office needs physical attention, it is better to have a Circuit Networks technician there in person.

2. Consistent IT Support from a single point of contact

When you have a reliable IT support provider like Circuit Networks, your business will receive constant levels of support, and a prompter resolution of IT issues. Circuit Networks technicians will become familiar with your IT infrastructure, including hardware and software. So, most of your IT issues will be successfully resolved.

3. It’s easier to communicate in person

Having someone physically present at your office makes it easier to communicate the problem or show your IT technician in person what the problem is. It encourages people to ask for help, regardless of how large or small the IT problems are.

4. You can see the progress being made

Having onsite IT support means that you physically see the effort in work and supervise progress being made.   You don’t need to wait on the phone for remote support or call multiple times to check on the progress. If you have questions, you will get a thorough explanation and live updates on your IT issue resolution.

Circuit Networks provides onsite IT support at reasonable prices. Please contact us on  the phone 02 5104 9899 or email