Are you looking for someone who can look after and maintain your Local Area Network?

For everyday business, a optimised Local Area Network (LAN) is essential. Our technicians are able to fix your network, in case any problems appear, and keep it maintained for your perfect working environment. We will have a look at your network set up, spot the problem or what needs to be updated and explain to our customers what’s wrong and what needs to be done before doing anything, so our customers know exactly what is wrong with their system and what they need us to do. We are recommending using CISCO, HP and Netgear switches and FortinetDell SonicWALL and Endian firewalls.

After your network is fixed and is up and running, our technicians will look after it so it doesn’t go down again and everything keeps up and working.

  • Landline broadband configuration (ADSL, VDSL, NBN);
  • Wireless broadband configuration (3G, 4G, Wi-Fi);
  • Local Area Network setup an maintenance;
  • Consulting, advice and planning;
  • Wi-Fi Access Points, repeaters, long range Wi-Fi (up to 25k);