One of our many services is Virus, Malware and Spyware removal.

Not only do we remove viruses and spyware, we track down the roots and make sure the they don’t affect the computer anymore and never will. Having viruses on your computer is very dangerous, some of them may slow down your computer reviling your information to other sources, and some may even destroy your important data and you’ll never see it again.

We remove ALL viruses and spyware from your computer and make sure you will NEVER get it again, protecting your information and important data. We can also advise your over the phone for any symptoms of viruses and how to avoid getting them in the future.

We know that your data is very important and with good antivirus protection we strongly recommend using backup.

We offer:

  • Complete removal of viruses, malware and spyware;
  • Protecting your computer in the future;
  • Remove viruses remotely;
  • Advising and consulting over the phone;
  • Recovering information and important data;
  • Fixing broken files;
  • Security hardware and software.