We offer a quick and easy laptop repair services.

We have a wide range of repair abilities starting from changing your LCD screen to fixing any software errors and fails you may have on your laptop. We are also able to look at your laptop and upgrade some needed parts that will make your laptop work faster for your comfort as well as saving you money on buying a new laptop. Our skilled technicians are able to troubleshoot, advise and tell you what needs to be fixed/replaced.

We specialise in all brands and models of laptops, so whatever your brand and model is, we will be able to help you quick and easy.

We offer:

  • LCD screen replacement;

  • Hardware update (RAM, HDD, SSD);

  • Software update/installation;

  • Fixing/replacing keyboards;

  • Cleaning and replacing fans for faster and quitter work;

  • Virus and Malware removal;

  • CD/DVD drive repairs;

  • Data recovery;

  • Solving power supply issues.

Laptop repairs