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We provide quick and quality Apple iPhone repairs. Whether it’s a broken screen that needs replacement, broken panels or water damage, we are sure to fix your problem.

iPhones are easy to crack and we know how annoying it might get using an iPhone with a cracked screen, so we are able to help you and fix your screen. We are also able to fix your display if it doesn’t work at all or you don’t get reception anymore and you require new parts. Our technicians are professional in iPhone repairs and they will replace your broken iPhone screen, home button/ volume button.

We are also able to fix water damage and broken microphone. Our professional team of technicians are experienced with Apple products, so, the work is guaranteed and will turn out cheaper than Official Apple store repairs.

We offer:

  • Fixing cracked/broken screens;
  • Fixing water damage;
  • Fixing Microphone and buttons;
  • Data retrieval from iPhone;
  • Backup/restore;
  • Guaranteed work and great prices.
Broken screen on iPhone 5