Not only do we specialise in PC repairs but in Mac repairs also. We offer a wide range of Mac repair services including troubleshooting, advising and fixing.

We specialise in iMac, Mac pro, MacBook as well as other Apple products. Our skilled technicians are very experienced with Apple products, so we offer a trustworthy service that will cost you a lot less than actual Apple services. We are able to solve your hard drive, power on, LCD display and many other issues.

Please note: we do not repair iPhones and iPads

Choose us to:

  • Repair startup issues;

  • Upgrade your iMac or MacBook;

  • Solve any software issues/fails;
  • Replace hardware components;

  • SSD hard drive upgrades;
  • Fix cracked or broken LCD screens;

  • Solve power issues;
  • Fix water damage;

  • Change damaged keyboard;

  • Data recovery;

  • System crashes;

  • Damage reports for Insurance.

Feel free to give us a call on 02 6100 6397 or use contact form if you have questions.